Projects related to the Stakeholder 360

Projects related to the Stakeholder 360 have included the following:

  • Ten community study of stakeholder networks and issues for international company in Australia

  • Study of stakeholders and issues in major infrastructure projects in two major world cities for an infrastructure builder and operator

  • Five-year study of a community preparing for a mine closure in a developing country for a multinational mining company

  • Research on the quality of stakeholder relations for a corporate sustainability report in 14 communities in 7 countries on 4 continents in 3 languages

  • Consulting for a mining consortium on stakeholder relations policy and social capital building initiatives in two Latin American communities

  • Consulting for a Canadian financial institution on how to achieve a position in the community network that fosters a healthy neighborhood and the growth of local branches

  • Study of the absence and subsequent growth of social capital in the Clayoquot Sound controversy over the logging of a 1,000-year old rainforest in British Columbia




    A Stakeholder Approach to Issues Management

    This outstanding book offers you a fact-based strategy development process for managing issues and controversies.

    If you’re a practitioner, it details how to ground your strategic advice on empirical research that reveals the sociopolitical dynamics of the issue. It is the first book to approach issues management from a blended application of advances in stakeholder theory and social network analysis. You’ll learn how to track the sociopolitical environment in order to

    (a) avoid risks and crises,

    (b) obtain essential environmental scanning information for strategy development or adjustment, and

    (c) secure the organization’s reputation and access to vital resources.

    The techniques described in this book have proven effective in issues management projects around the world. They work equally well whether the stakeholders are illiterate subsistence villagers or Internet savvy global activists.

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    Stakeholder Politics

    This book moves on to next challenge of giving companies what they need now: namely, ‘how to’ guides addressing the twin problems of firstly maintaining political legitimacy (talking the talk), and, secondly, promoting sustainable development (walking the walk). They need to learn how to both play stakeholder politics and collaborate with stakeholders towards sustainability goals. Most companies have already encountered or anticipated the barriers that this book addresses, and managers will recognise the dilemmas described.


    Stakeholder Politics is the first book to offer a method for classifying and dealing with these socio-political problems.


    The book presents a typology of stakeholder networks that will help managers and community leaders identify and improve the social capital patterns in their own networks. Once they know what patterns they have, they can move their networks towards those that foster sustainable community development. The author describes vivid cases in which managers and community stakeholders have already used the approach successfully. At the same time, managers get handy tools for predicting and avoiding community-level socio-political risk around stakeholder issues: most notably, the Stakeholder 360 which has been successfully used in Canada and Australia with large groups of managers learning about stakeholder engagement.

    The book has been written for an audience of both managers and academics. Those working in developing countries with difficult stakeholder issues will find it indispensable.

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